Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have You Ever Felt Like Someone Is Watching You?

Here I was, minding my own business..working at my computer and I felt someone staring at me. I knew it wasn't the dogs, or my husband. Hmmm...took a look out the window and I had a visitor :)

I know these guys can be nasty, but it's hard to be angry at them getting in the trash when you look at their cute little bandit faces. This one just sat and stared at me for the longest time...I'm sure they are hand-fed by neighbors around here..too tame not to be. Not something I would do myself, and I don't like to encourage them to come around. I'm always afraid the dogs will chase them and I worry about rabies.

Still, I honestly was happy it was just a racoon and not a bear...or worse!


  1. He was just making sure you where getting your work done. A few years ago a raccon would come sit on our deck and watch basketball games with my husband. Game over and he would leave! It was to funny, but we did not what him getting in the house.

  2. Oh, a new supervisor for ya:) We get these fellas all the time. Ours don't have much fear of us either.