Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Call Me The Pioneer Woman

My husband and I recently returned from our "getaway" cabin in the always is meant to be a relaxing time but we spend most of it fixing, cleaning, and just generally working our heineys off while we're there.

This time we even allowed ourselves a couple of extra days..I had visions of flea-market and antique-shopping; my husband decided we needed to "take down" two 25 foot pine trees that were indeed encroaching the cabin. (Personally I think he just wanted to see if his new big truck could handle hauling these giant trees up and out of the way). We attached a big ole' chain to the trailer hitch and around the first tree, and guess who got to be the one to drive the truck? Little ole' me. To be honest I had a blast :) When with the first tug the tree didn't budge, he said "forget's not going anywhere". Well, don't tell ME to forget it..I was going to get that tree down if it took all day! A few times backing up and going forward and "boom"..down it came! Now remember all this is being done on a one point he decided to inform me I had one wheel almost 3 feet off the pavement. flatlander! Then of course we just HAD to bring down the second tree...piece of cake :) Next thing you know I'm out there with a chain saw hacking away.

The icky trees were replaced by a beautiful weeping cherry, and we moved a big hemlock to take the place of the other tree..all in all it was quite an adventure...and I didn't even mention moving the three 200 lb. boulders!

It's just nice to know this whole thing would've made my widowed Mom proud..she always had to do all her own heavy work so I have never been afraid of laboring like that, either. Not to mention I ended up losing a few un-wanted pounds on our trip..despite the fudge, pecan pie and good old Southern home cooking we treated ourselves to! Here are before and after pictures..the snowy one was taken the last time we were down was beautiful but way more snow this year than we've ever seen in TN!


  1. What a beautiful getaway home, I could live there permantly!! It's beautiful!!! Lecia

  2. Thanks so much, Lecia.."one of these days" we'd love to retire down there. One can always dream, anyway :)

  3. Beautiful cabin.I'd be willing to work hard for that.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Ahhh, beautiful:) A little hard work is good for us... and I looove pecan pie:) Good for you Debbie:)

  5. Wow I am in awe of any woman with a chain saw. haha
    Love your cabin

  6. You are da woman!! Beautiful cabin. Is that a "pioneer" satellite dish I see on the roof? LOL! How primitive. tee hee

  7. Ya' got me there, Mary! Not too much prim about satellite tv!