Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

Unbelievable. My first-born grandson, Brendan, has graduated from Middle School and is on his way to the "tween" world of High School in the Fall. This young man began his life born with an Immune Deficiency disease called Hypogammaglobulinemia, and spent most of his younger years as a very sick boy.  We spent many long hours at the hospital throughout his youth, and many more with him sick at home. God was good to us all, and he outgrew the condition, as some afflicted with this do, and he has blossomed into a handsome, caring,  funny, sensitive teen.

We traveled out to New Jersey for his graduation (I wasn't going to miss out on THAT!) and despite the 100+ degree temps there, really enjoyed seeing his class of 162 graduate.  They even had the school band playing "Pomp and Circumstance" as the young grads marched down the aisles in their caps and gowns..what a sight!

We then brought the new graduate back to Ohio for most of the Summer...until it's time to begin soccer practice in August . He adores soccer..but not nearly  as much as Mom-Mom adores him ;)

Here he is getting "Bee-you-tee-ful before his graduation....
Post-graduations pic with his Mom, Jenny...
And lastly, Brendan and me, "Mom-Mom" celebrating on the way home from New Jersey with a stop at "Melt Restaurant and Grill" in Cleveland (featured on the Food Network!)
That's my Sweetie-pie :)


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Looks like you are haveing a great time!!
    He is one handsome young man!
    Enjoy your time together!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    What a great looking kid!!! Looks like he is really loved my his mom and grandmom.

    Have fun this summer!!!


  3. what a great photo of you guys. hope you are enjoying your time with him. Hugs, Robin