Friday, February 18, 2011

In the Works...

I have a TON of fragrant, beautiful beeswax I've been trying to decide how to use, so I'm in the process of making blackened beeswax Easter bunnies and these beeskep candles.  Checked the burn time for the wicks and I think I need to go a size they haven't yet met my approval. When they do, I'll be listing the beeskeps in my etsy shop. The fragrance of the natural beeswax is so yummy by itself I can't bring myself to add a fragrance oil, so I think they'll be left  "au naturale" :)  They're a nice size..just a little larger than a large votive. I just love having candles burning throughout the house..makes everything have such a soft, warm glow.

I'm enjoying reading your comments on my give-away. Thank you for taking the time to enter, and for sharing on your blogs! The time for selecting a winner is getting closer :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone..looks like much of the country is enjoying a February warm-up (thank heavens!)

Prim Hugs,


  1. They look nice.I love working with beeswax too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. It's a cute idea to make beeskep shaped candles from bees wax...I'll bet they smell nice!
    Smiles, Karen